Alimony Payments In West Virginia

West Virginia gives judges the discretion to grant spousal support (alimony) to spouses in the event of divorce. Knowing which factors the judges will use and what could be at stake for you is an important thing to think about before you file for divorce.

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Determining Spousal Support Obligations That Are Fair

When determining whether a spouse will make alimony payments to the other, a family court judge will take into account a broad range of factors. These can include the length of the marriage and each spouse’s income, earning potential, assets, age, health, standard of living and whether children are still being cared for.

The judge can then award alimony in one of four categories:

  • Permanent: While the name says “permanent,” it just means that a judge can order a spouse to make payments for as long as necessary. It could last for a lifetime, or it could last a few years.
  • Temporary: These payments are made while the divorce process is ongoing to help the other spouse make ends meet.
  • Rehabilitative: These are payments specifically made to help the other spouse get to a position of self-support. That can include using the payments for additional training or education.
  • In gross: These are alimony payments made for a specific length of time.

Like with child support payments, changes in economic circumstances could mean asking a judge to modify your original alimony order. Whether seeking a modification or negotiating a divorce settlement, we will strenuously advocate for your financial interests.

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