Protecting Fathers’ Rights

Paternity is a common dispute among unmarried parents. If paternity is established, issues frequently arise concerning child support and parenting time.

Establishing paternity can become a complex process if you do not take the proper steps. In Wheeling, West Virginia, you can turn to McPhail Law for help. Our attorneys have a strong commitment to protecting the best interests of children, and in many cases, that means giving them an opportunity to have meaningful relationships with both of their parents.

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Guiding You Through The Steps To Establish Paternity

If your name is not on the child’s birth certificate, you may choose to sign an Acknowledgement of Paternity form, or you may have to submit to a DNA test to prove you are the father. Our lawyers are familiar with this process and can help you complete it correctly.

After we establish paternity, we can get to work working on a parenting plan, which may include making child support payments to your child’s mother.

Shari McPhail is a skilled litigator and trained mediator and can represent you in whatever venue is best-suited to protecting your parental rights and your relationship with your child. Our lawyers will steadfastly advocate for you and make a strong case to prove that your child is better off with you in his or her life.

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