Divorce For Military Families In West Virginia

Military men and women and their families have enough to worry about without having to worry about the complex legal issues involved in a divorce. In West Virginia, you can turn to McPhail Law for help.

Our law firm frequently represents the family law needs of active duty and retired professionals or their spouses. You can focus on your career, while we find solutions that protect your interests and parental rights.

We are proud to help those who sacrifice so much for our country. Call our Wheeling office at 304-907-0506 to schedule a consultation.

Protecting The Parental Rights Of Military Parents

West Virginia statutory law contains specific provisions that address issues concerning military parents. Below are a few examples:

  • If a parent’s military service is imminent, and there is no parenting plan, family courts have a process to expedite a hearing to establish a temporary parenting plan and ensure that the military parent has access to the child.
  • If a parent is required to be separated from a child due to military service, the parenting plan cannot be modified until a certain time period after the parent is released from military service. Military service cannot be the sole reason for modifying a parenting plan.

In addition, we resolve issues related to the division of military retirement benefits, veterans disability benefits and military health care, along with the payment of support through DFAS.

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Often, it is difficult for active-duty personnel to meet with an attorney or attend court hearings. We can meet via phone or web camera or use email if you are unable to meet in person. If you are on active duty, we will request permission from the court that you appear via phone or that we appear on your behalf.

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