Staying Safe From Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, far too many marriages and relationships are plagued by domestic violence. While sometimes abuse allegations can be used to gain an upper hand in divorce proceedings, they must always be taken seriously for everyone’s protection.

If you are suffering from abuse or your children are in danger, reach out to McPhail Law immediately. We are experienced family law attorneys in Wheeling, West Virginia, who know how to take fast, decisive action to keep you safe.

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We Can Help You Get A Protective Order

Protective orders are a vital tool that can keep you safe while you await further legal action such as
filing for divorce. A protective order could:

  • Make your spouse or partner stay a certain distance from you at all times and prohibit him or her from contacting you
  • Make your spouse stay out of the marital home while the order is in place
  • Restrict your spouse’s custodial rights if he or she is a threat to your children

Spousal abuse is a serious subject, but it is also a delicate one. We will work diligently to respect your family’s privacy during a difficult time.

Providing Advice For Those Accused Of Abuse

We also represent those facing false allegations of domestic violence. When appropriate, our lawyers will contest a protective order to allow you to be in your own home and spend time with your children.

If you are the subject of a protective order, however, it is important that you follow its instructions. Judges will not be sympathetic to you “just wanting to talk” with your spouse to try and clear the air. You could wind up in jail.

You Are Not Alone. Call McPhail Law For Help.

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